(this is my only marvel OC.)

francis foswell / spider-wizard

  • full name: francis foswell.
  • alias: spider-wizard.
  • pronouns: they/them, it/its, he/him.
  • born: wales.
  • species: human.
  • height: 5'4 / 1.6m.
  • family: frederick foswell (uncle), janice foswell (cousin).
  • occupation: student, stage magician, criminal.
  • basic info


    a short white person with short loosely curled ginger hair. they have grey eyes and wear tinted glasses and use crutches.


    when it was 16, Francis lost their parents in an incident involving a magic spider, which also bit him and gave him powers. after this, Francis moved to New York to live with its family there. after being expelled from ESU after an incident involving their magic powers, Francis became a stage magician, using its powers but pretending they were all just tricks. due to Francis' uncle Foswell being a crime lord, Francis became involved with crime, until Foswell's crime-related death which forced Francis to reconsider what they were doing.