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05 jul 2022 - 1 illustration uploaded.

03 jul 2022 - 3rd day of artfight!! uploaded two of my artight attacks here. go check out my artfight page if you haven't already :)

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title?? i'm tired - 29 jun 2022, 21:22

i've been trying to get our old PC to run games, but unfortunately it won't run mechcommander 1 and the sound won't work at all, which obviously isn't great for the gameplay, but also bc i can't hear the pilots' voicelines :(. also something is wrong with the mouse too, i think that PC might be on its last legs. civilization 2 seemed to run ok, but again, it didn't have any sound.

i'm wondering if i can get an old laptop for my birthday, bc my current old laptop is also dying. idk,, maybe i shouldn't get more into gaming right before i go to university lol it might be too distracting.

also i painted up some more battletech miniatures on the weekend:

i want to start uploading the images of my miniatures to my mechcommander/battletech fansite soon. hopefully i can get some better images, but otherwise these will have to do i guess. after i've sorted out my art pages on my main site, my next goal is to work more on my MC fansite before i go to university. then once i'm at university i'll probably do some stuff on my languages site about my studies and course and stuff.

ough,, my head felt so full and i wanted to write paragraphs and paragraphs, but now i've sat down to write, i barely know what to say. i'm very tired, despite having a nap today (for 2 hours!!) i wanted to draw a bit today, but didn't end up doing any in the end. i'm still trying to finish references for my OCs for artfight!! which starts on friday.

i might watch a battletech lore video before i go to bed.

signing out 👍

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