welcome to my site!! feel free to take a look around, sign my guestbook, and check out my forum!! ^-^

hi, hello, and welcome to my little corner of the world wide web!! this site is best viewed on desktop and was coded on firefox. it's still largely a work in progress ^-^

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you can call me saint or twitchcoded or murchadh ^-^ i'm a multiply disabled 20 year old.

i'm a celtic studies student, opera-goer, retro-gamer, cringe poster, anglophobe, just some guy, minority language enthusiast, archive enjoyer, ao3 hater, hobby artist, alleged musician, mollusc appreciator, loser fail guy, etc.!!

steampunk i love cake real isopod hours worms on a string remember turn your computer off before midnight on 12./31/99

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