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17 nov 2022 - 6 doodles uploaded.

18 sep 2022 2 illustrations + 1 doodle uploaded.

13 sep 2022 - 1 blog entry.

19 aug 2022 - commissions info updated.

07 aug 2022 - 4 illustrations uploaded. apologies for slower updates (i know the art pages are still half finished still), i have been doing various things in preparation for university, and that on top of my health issues leaves me with not much energy for working on my sites :( but also it is the 4 month anniversary of my site today!! :D

26 jul 2022 - 2 illustrations uploaded.

24 jul 2022 - 1 illustration uploaded.

12 jul 2022 - 1 illustration uploaded.

08 jul 2022 - 2 illustrations uploaded.

05 jul 2022 - 1 illustration uploaded.

03 jul 2022 - 3rd day of artfight!! uploaded two of my artight attacks here. go check out my artfight page if you haven't already :)

30 jun 2022 - 2 character design sheets uploaded. 1 illustration uploaded.

29 jun 2022 - 1 blog entry.

23 jun 2022 - 2 character designs uploaded. also!! come and attack me on art fight >:) (when it opens,,,,)

22 jun 2022 - commissions info updated!! i've been meaning to update it for a while now. please check it out, if you're interested and have the money :) 1 blog entry. 1 doodle uploaded.

21 jun 2022 - 2 illustrations uploaded.

14 jun 2022 - 1 blog entry. 1 illustration uploaded. probably not going to be updating frequently for a while. the summer is not kind to my health.

10 jun 2022 - 2 ilustrations + 1 clay model uploaded. some OC pages added.

08 jun 2022 - 2 pieces uploaded to illustrations. started sorting out my art pages.

05 jun 2022 - 1 blog entry. currently rearranging all my art pages by categories rather than dates, so some of the pages might not be available or have working links.

04 jun 2022 - 1 piece of art uploaded to 2022. i'm thinking of changing my art pages again, and separating the archive pages into illustrations, sketches, character design, etc,, but i'm not sure, it would take a while to do (•_•)

03 jun 2022 - new layout to the homepage,,?? i'm still working it out. 1 piece of art uploaded to the 2022 page.

02 jun 2022 - links moved from home page to new links page.

31 may 2022 - added a page for my ghosts OCs to my OC section. thinking of maybe moving the links to a separate page so they're not on the home page?? i'll probably keep my own links on the sitemap, or maybe i'll move them to the new links page as well i'm not sure,,

30 may 2022 - 1 piece of art uploaded to 2022. 1 blog entry.

26 may 2022 - 1 piece of art uploaded to 2022. started to add individual pages for my OCs.

25 may 2022 - 1 piece of art uploaded to paintings.

24 may 2022 - 1 piece of art uploaded to 2022.

22 may 2022 - 1 blog entry. also finally figured out why my links colours were behaving weird,, i hope (•_•;)

21 may 2022 - 1 piece of art uploaded to 2022. i changed the font of the site the other day and now some of the formatting has been messed up and i have to fix it all (•_•) RIP my art pages. things on here may look a little weird as i get them sorted out.

19 may 2022 - 1 piece of art uploaded to 2022.

17 may 2022 - 1 piece of art uploaded to 2022.

16 may 2022 - 2 blog entries. 1 piece of art uploaded to 2022 page. paintings page added to art section.

15 may 2022 - new page added for site credits. started to prepare for artfight this year >:)

13 may 2022 - 1 piece of art uploaded to 2022 archives. now we have a site header.

12 may 2022 - status section added to this page. new site button :)

11 may 2022 - 1 piece of art uploaded to 2022, and another to clay.

10 may 2022 - dice page added to shrines section. 1 piece of art uploaded to 2022. removed my astudiaethau celtaidd/language pages, so i can put them on their own websites to show to people at university.

09 may 2022 - 2 pieces of art uploaded to 2022 archive. 1 blog entry.

08 may 2022 - 1 blog entry. some captions written on 2021 art.

07 may 2022 - 1 month anniversary of the site :) if you saw me accidentally add this on the 4th originally,,,, no ♡ added short captions/explanations to my 2022 art, and i hope to do this with all my art eventually. uploaded some art to the needlework page.

29 apr 2022 - added pages for my needlework, pixel art, D&T, comics, and clay stuff to the art section. found more 2017 art and uploaded it. started work on a mechcommander fansite, so i'm going to move all my stuff from the MC shrine here to the new site. i'll put a link here once the site has actual pages and content.

28 apr 2022 - trying to figure out how to structure my shrines better. the MC2 shrine now has multiple pages so it's not too long. became a neocities supporter and started uploading some of my music.

27 apr 2022 - comments section added to home page. site option added to guestbook.

25 apr 2022 - finished uploading 2017 art to archives. 1 2022 piece added to archives. started uploading 2012-2013 art.

24 apr 2022 - sitemap added. 1 piece of 2022 art added to the archives. this news box created :)

23 apr 2022 - 1 blog entry.

21 apr 2022 - 1 blog entry. the site's 2 week anniversary, and my 3 month HRT anniversary. all art from 2018 and 2019 uploaded to the archives.

19 apr 2022 - 1 blog entry. started to add pages about my OCs to the site. uploaded all 2020 art to the archives.

18 apr 2022 - the site has a background now. added more 2022 art to the archives, as well as all 2014-2016 art.

16 apr 2022 - 1 blog entry.

15 apr 2022 - 1 blog entry.

14 apr 2022 - the site's 1 week anniversary!! 1 blog entry. finished uploading all 2021 art to the archives. started finding/uploading 2017 art.

13 apr 2022 - 1 blog entry. uploaded all current art from 2022 to the archives, and started uploading art from 2021.

12 apr 2022 - 1 blog entry.

11 apr 2022 - 2 blog entries. astudiaethau celtaidd section added to site. finished sorting images and pages into folders, and redoing their links.

10 apr 2022 - 3 blog entries. commissions page added. links to other sites i like added.

09 apr 2022 - 2 blog entries. art page added. finally deleted my twitter, love and light ♡
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08 apr 2022 - blog created. 3 blog entries. guestbook created.

07 apr 2022 - site created.

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i promise i'm not dead - 13 sep 2022, 21:13

hello hello!! it's been a while since i've written a journal entry, or made any proper updates to the site. i've been super busy with being ill in the summer heat, taking part in art fight, and now getting ready to move into university!! i've also injured my hand twice so typing this doesn't feel great.

it was my birthday yesterday, but all i did was go to the doctors and book an emergency dentist appointment 😔 my next week is going to be crammed with various appointments and preparations for university, and then once i'm at university i have a few weeks to settle in and register for my course and modules, so im not sure when i'll get the opportunity to finally finish uploading my older art to my site :( i also have some newer art to upload too at some point. i'm aiming to make some site updates (across all my sites,, hopefully) in my winter break, but ideally i'd like to do some before that too. but i'll have to see how busy and tiring university will be.

however, i'm hopefully going to be getting an older laptop as part of my birthday present, so hopefully i'll be able to play mechcommander 1 and other older games i like on it!! my current old laptop is really on its way out - last time i played mc1 it would only run once i had restarted it 5 times and uninstalled a different game. but i don't mind having to restart mc1 on a new old laptop (if that makes sense lol), since it's one of my favourite games. i'm still (supposedly) playing mechassault 2 as well!! last time i played it, i got to the part where you arrive at terra, but i haven't done much after that since i know the final boss is soon after that point and it looks kinda hard from the playthroughs i've seen (•_•) also i still want to continue with the 2018 battletech game, but i've just been so tired recently 😭 i wish i had more time and energy in each day to play games.

oouugh also i want to finish my mc1 pilot drawings (but tbh i might start those again at some point since i'm not entirely satisfied with some of them), and i want to draw the mc2 pilots and other characters too,,,, and currently i've started drawing the mechassault characters. and i've been spending a lot of my time thinking about my battletech ocs, so i should definitely update my ocs pages at some point. i feel like i really want to draw all the time, but again, it's something i don't have a lot of energy for :( society if i could play video games and draw all day forever,,,, maybe i should become a twitch streamer, then i guess i could do that,, but no, i want to go to university for some reason 🤨

i also started watching breaking bad since i've been gone here (it really helped me to pass the hot days in august where i was too hot and exhausted to do anything), and i just finished episode 10 of season 4. i have seen some spoilers just from being on the internet for a while, but i find that spoilers don't really ruin my enjoyment of something if it's written well, and so far i've had a great time with breaking bad despite knowing some stuff that happens (walter white dies right,,,, i need him to die so bad. please). i really like jesse, saul, and gus, they're my favourites so far :)

also i've been painting more of my battletech miniatures, so i'll try and post them once i've taken more images!! i still haven't found a good way to take images of them yet.

twitchcoded signing out o7

see you all soon-ish hopefully maybe

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