traditional and digital paintings that i put more time and effort into than the drawings/doodles in my archive section, so i feel they deserve their own section so they don't become buried in the archives.


excerpts from a painting i never finished. digital. 9 hours.


my D&D OC, severity, a tiefling warlock. acrylic on canvas. 7 hours.

another D&D OC, oisín goldleaf, halfling diviner. watercolour on canvas. 5 hours.

doctor octopus from spider-man 2. digital. 5 hours.

unfinished painting of bliss. watercolour on canvas.


"cover art"/art based on a piece of music on my music page. digital.

the cover of one of my sketchbooks, inspired by/using lyrics from the bifrost incident by the mechanisms. acrylic on cardboard.

a tree and field in a sunrise, inspired by elysian fields from ulysses dies at dawn by the mechanisms. acrylic on canvas.

an experimental painting of darth revan from star wars knights of the old republic, with their mask/sith lord outfit on one side of their lightsaber, and with their jedi outfit on the other side. digital.


the lady of the lake. acrylic on canvas.


two eyes. ink on canvas.

compact disc. ink on paper.


supposed to be a study of ram's head with white hollyhock and little hills. watercolour(?) on paper.