all of this is stuff i've written for school that had to follow prompts and exam specifications and such, but hopefully i'll write some stuff for myself one day.

i'm a classically trained musician, and play flute and piccolo at an advanced level, and viola at an intermediate level. i used to play the bassoon (at an intermediate level), and i'm currently saving to get my own one so i can play again hopefully!! i also started piano lessons in the last few months. i also have/dabble in playing the following instruments: tin whistles in various keys, fife, recorders, mandolin, six-keyed english flageolet, and a B-flat band flute. i used to play in orchestras and wind bands, but haven't been able to recently :(


(these two don't have audio at the moment).

string quintet

for a standard string quintet, plus a double bass. written in a ABC structure, with the viola having the tune at the beginning because i am a viola player :)

incidental music

supposed to be incidental music for a play about the industrial revolution, according to the exam specifications.


digital art of a field of white flowers with the sun beaming down behind the trees in the background. end ID.

ternary thing

as the name suggests, it's in a ABA ternary form, written for an orchestra. the cover art is for the calmer B section, which is a bassoon duet, with string accompaniment. i imagined section B to be like waking up in a field of flowers as the dew drops sparkled in the rising sun. no idea what's going on with the A sections, sorry. i know that the second A section is faster because i had to make it fit within 5 minutes for the exam board specifications lol.

soup conspiracy

literally was named by going to a word generator and getting two random words. this one didn't have to fit any exam specifications. it's written for flute, bassoon (which i both play), and clarinet. you'll want to turn the volume right up at the beginning for this one, and then right down as it gets progressively louder (and faster!!)