drawings that are more finished than a doodle.


"if i do this wrong, they'll name warships after me. or battlemechs."

conrad toyama, from battletech. drawn after i read intentions (the short story from the second succession war sourcebook) several times. the glowing golden "halo" behind him is the comstar logo. the text on his robes is wingdings, and the left side reads: "blood (mostly cut off). primus. comstar is the only hope of (cuts off)." the right side reads "blood (mostly cut off again). praise be unto blake. the (cuts off)." digital.

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my artfight attacks for 2022!! digital.

two memes redrawn with my battletech OCs: hellound and koh; and thunderbolt and spike. digital.

another meme redrawn with two battletech OCs: spike and lightning. digital.

spider, my character for the battletech PC game. digital.

attempting to draw all 30 mechcommander 1 pilots for the game's 24th anniversary on the 24th of june, although i haven't finished them in time. their in-game icons/videos are quite hard to make out properly, so i did put my own ideas and designs on them, to an extent. digital. 17/30.

screenshot redraw from the end of the first episode of red dwarf. digital.

my player character, ira "spider" conway, from the battletech PC game. oil pastel on paper.

various snail species. oil pastel on paper.

snail. oil pastels on paper. with a partial ox from spider-man in the corner,,,,

a redraw of a panel of foswell and the enforcers from the ultimate spider-man comics. digital. foswell from the main spider-man comics. digital.

frederick foswell/the big man from the early spider-man comics. ink on paper.


redraw of a panel of the sinister six from the first spider-man annual, with their designs changed slightly. digital.

redraw of a panel of the enforcers (ox, fancy dan, and montana) from a spider-man noir comic (i think), with their designs mostly taken from the spectacular spider-man cartoon and comics. digital.

electro from the spectacular spider-man cartoon, for a request on tumblr. digital.

redraw of a screenshot of norman osborn from the spectacular spider-man cartoon. digital.

redraw of a screenshot of mysterio from the spectacular spider-man cartoon. digital.

mysterio from spider-man. pencil on paper, and felt tip pen on paper.

grove snail. felt tip pen on paper.

mike soup, dr goondis, and the starship minestrone from the hotdaga. digital.

my magnus archives OC. digital.

for a challenge on tumblr where people requested me to draw a character with a specific colour palette and expression: younger dr goondis, steven rootbeer, gene, pam, and garce from the hotdaga; xzar from baldur's gate; and nastya rasputina from the mechanisms. digital.

two garlic snails, a sundial snail, and a bottle. oil pastels and pencil on paper.

edwin odesseiron and xan from baldur's gate 1. digital.

montaron and xzar from baldur's gate 1. digital.

my BBC ghosts OCs sitting outside together. digital.

the artilleryman from the war of the worlds, with copious amounts of blood inspired by the stage show. i made this for my tumblr icon. digital.

the curate from the war of the worlds, with mars. digital.

ogilvy from the war of the worlds. digital.

father galahad from high noon over camelot by the mechanisms. kind of inspired/copied from my curate TWOTW piece ahaha,, digital.

dr pilchard from the mechanisms. digital.



redraw of the scene with moff gideon and the dark saber at the end of the first scene of the mandalorian. digital.

a redraw/repaint of a screenshot from the opening sequence of clone high. ink on paper.

dr robotnik, the sonic movie. digital.

count dooku, star wars. drawn for the return of the clone wars. digital.

some star wars the clone wars villains. digital.

for the toon me trend that was on instagram. digital.

dr goondis from the hotdaga. digital.

my star wars OC, tracker kell. digital.




these are all from one of my school art books.

shells. charcoal on paper. chalk on paper.

passion flower and leaves. pencil on paper.

seahorses. pencil and pen on paper.

turtles. pencil on paper. oil pastel on paper.


this art is from my collection of fox stories, set in/around a place called cold storm valley. i wrote/illustrated them when i was like 10/11 and considered them (and especially the first one) my magnus opus. they were heavily, heavily inspired by the tom mccaughren run with the wind series (apparently there are 7 books in that series?? i've only read 4).

the characters are mostly red foxes, with some magical white foxes, and occasional other animals. the stories were written in notebooks with one side lined, and the opposite side plain, so each page of text had an image to go with it. unfortunately, i have deleted the site i made for my series, but i still have all the art and stories in notebooks. some day i'd like to rewrite them!! but for now, here's the illustrations with some explanation.

book 1

the cover of the first book, "fly like the wind". very obviously copied from the first book in the mccaugrhren series, "run with the wind". page 1. frost watches blond tip being chased by dogs in the valley. page 2. they relax after frost rescues him. page 3. frost shows off the unusual fur colouring on her leg, and blond tip shows his gold tipped tail.
page 4. storm, one of the magical white foxes, sees frost and blond tip in the valley, from the top of cold mountain. page 5. blond tip catches a duck. page 6. storm visits frost and blond tip. page 7. storm, frost, and blond tip meet with other foxes (including clementine and birch) to discuss the best way for them to survive human threats in the valley.
page 8. clementine explains how she lost her ear and tail to a human and his dogs. page 9. the foxes set out on a quest to learn about survival. birch gets caught in a hedge trap, and is rescued by a passing fox, opal. page 10. opal joins the others. they rest on their journey. page 11. storm tells the others about how he lost his mate and cubs.
page 12. a human hunter and dogs attacked storm's caved-in burrow. his cubs (lighting and starr) were caught). page 13. the valley foxes meet a town fox, peregrine. page 14. peregrine looking at the moon. page 15. peregrine takes the valley foxes to meet his mate, osprey.
page 16. the valley and town foxes set off on their journey, however peregrine and osprey turn back. page 17. storm sees star and lightning for the first time since the memory he was recalling of his burrow getting attacked. page 18. star tells about how her and lightning were kept as the hunters' pets, until they escaped. page 19. the foxes arrive back at the valley, and go to their burrows, ready for the cubbing season.
page 20. blond tip brings a chicken to frost, who is nursing their newly born cubs, young blond tip, scratch, and fang. page 21. blond tip visits storm and opal, and their two cubs, black-brush and whirlwind. page 22. blond tip visits clementine and birch, who's cubs have not been born yet. page 23. blond tip goes back to his burrow, with frost and their cubs.
page 24. star finds a lone cub with a scar around its neck. page 25. star takes the cub home, and names him kestrel. page 26. lightning fetches a chicken for starr and kestrel. the two siblings agree to look after kestrel until he is older or they find his parents. page 27. clementine has her cubs, but is attacked by wolves.
page 28. clementine manages to rescue two cubs, but misplaces one. page 29. she sees a wolf carrying her misplaced cub, and attacks the wolf to get him back. page 30. birch and clementine, and the two rescued cubs, now called vickey and oak. page 31. blond tip goes hunting, but is chased by wolves.
page 32. blond tip loses most of the wolves, except a cub. a pack of hunting dogs finds them. page 33. blond tip and the wolf cub escape by swimming away. the wolf pack are killed by hunters, so blond tip takes in the wolf (called stealth wolf), even though that pack was responsible for killing clementine's cubs. page 34. blond tip takes all the fox cubs out together. stealth wolf leaves on his own while everyone is out. page 35. whirlwind's grey pelt, and scratch's scruffy fur from scratching her skin condition.
page 36. whilst the subs were visiting star and lightning, scratch is attacked by a peregrine falcon. page 37. the falcon drops scratch. page 38. lightning's warning story about traps. page 39. lightning telling the cubs about the traps.
page 40. vickey, oak, fang, young blond tip, and kestrel are chased by hunting dogs. vickey and young blond tip avoid a trap. page 41. the cubs split up and confuse the dogs. page 42. fang, oak, and kestrel make it safely back to scratch and star. page 43. vickey and young blond tip split up. young blond tip is chased, and swims away to escape the dogs.
page 44. the star constellation, ursa major, which resembles a fox to the foxes (again. ripped right from the mccaughren books.) page 45. young blond tip helping treat his sister scratch's wounds. she pulls black fur off her back leg, to reveal white fur, like her mother frost's leg. page 46. whirlwind, black-brush, and fang go hunting. they are about to return home, but leave once they realise they are practically adults now. a page with no text opposite it. a scene of all the main characters.

book 2


images that vaguely related to my fox books i think