art FAQs

can i repost your art?

not really a "frequently asked question" i guess because art thieves don't really care about credit or permission. i do not allow people to repost my art, even if you give credit. if i ask you to take down reposts of my art, please respect me and my boundaries, and take it down.

if you see my art reposted, please message me. i am on pinterest, however i don't post my art there so if you see my art on pinterest then it's a repost.

can you draw me something?

you can check out my commissions page here, or wait until i ask for free doodle requests.

can i use your art in an edit, or use it as an avatar/icon?

please message me to ask/talk about it.

can you teach me how to....?

no sorry, i don't know what i'm doing either. i just make up everything as i go along.