doodles, sketches, and vaguely unfinished things.


jerome blake and conrad toyama, battletech. digital.

some pilots from mechcommander 2. top row: longshot, claymore, dagger. bottom row: twitch, flash, shadow. digital. and captain jason cho from mechcommander 2. digital.

urbanmechs and ravens from battletech. i realised that if i wanted to get back into BT, i needed to learn to draw mech stuff :| pencil and (spilled) ink on paper.

lister and rimmer from red dwarf, because i decided to have a rewatch of the series, and realised i hadn't drawn them in years. digital. and cat, lister, and rimmer. still working out how to draw them. digital.

montana, spider-man. pencil on paper. and foswell, from the spectacular spider-man show. pencil and felt tip pen on paper.

foswell as a frog. inspired by the spider-ham characters. pencil on paper. foswell (and enforcers), some redraws from the comics, some not. pencil on paper. and the 2 oxes from the spider-man comics, raymond and ronald bloch. pencil on paper.

foswell and the enforcers as various animals. foswell as a frog, montana as a horse, fancy dan as a cat, and ox as an ox. pencil on paper.

frederick foswell, redraw from ultimate spider-man. pencil and highlighter pen on paper.and montana, redraw from adventures of spider-man #7. pencil, fine liner pen, and water colour on paper.

my spider-man OC. pencil and ink on paper. and foswell, inspired by a USM panel. pencil and watercolour on paper.

foswell (and the enforcers) (and spider-man) from the spider-man comics. biro and felt tip pens on paper.

a raimi spider-man trilogy doc ock for a request on tumblr. digital. and a fancy dan doodle from the spectacular spider-man cartoon. pencil and highlighters on paper.


frances beck/mysterio from the ultimate spider-man cartoon. digital. quentin beck/mysterio, from the spectacular spider-man cartoon. pencil on paper.

two backs with scoliosis, one of which has a back brace. digital. a collection of my D&D OCs. pencil on paper.

ox, montana, and fancy dan (the enforcers) from the spectacular spider-man cartoon. pencil on paper. >mysterio, TSSM. digital.

maizey and joblet, from the hotdaga as humans. digital. edwin odesseiron from baldur's gate 1. digital.

mysterio from the spectacular spider-man cartoon. digital, and pencil on peper.

mysterio's waiter digsuise in TSSM. digital. dock ock, TSSM. pencil on paper.

doctor octopus, TSSM. digital.

the destroyer from terraria. digital. mysterio, TSSM. digital.

jack walten and felix kranken from the walten files. digital. doctor octopus from spider-man, for a tumblr request where people sent in characters and an item of clothing. digital.

doctor octopus, spider-man 2. digital. self-portrait. digital.

dr meurig lennox, my mechanisms OC/sona. digital. xzar and montaron, from baldur's gate 1. pencil on paper.

pam, from the hotdaga, as a human. digital.

dr goondis, hotdaga, human design. pencil on paper. dr goondis, maizey, smeech, and joblet. the hotdaga. digital.

various hotdaga characters as humans. steven rootbeer, gene, mike soup, brandon, and garce. pencil on paper.

more hotdaga characters. dr goondis, maizey, and mike soup.

arian, one of my icewind dale OCs. pencil on paper. heren perce, my character for neverwinter nights. pencil on paper.

my baldur's gate 1 character, xzar, edwin, and montaron. digital. and a human version of pam from the hotdaga. pencil on paper.

dr pilchard from the mechanisms. pencil on paper and digital.

the artilleryman, playing cards in book 2 of the war of the worlds. digital. beth from the TWOTW stage show/musical version. digital.

the artilleryman, in book 1 and book 2 of TWOTW. digital. ogilvy, TWOTW. digital.

the artilleryman and the curate, TWOTW. digital. beth and the curate/nathaniel, TWOTW. digital.

father galahad from high noon over camelot by the mechanisms with those christian cowboy boots that people on tumblr thought he might wear. digital. dr pilchard, for the mechanisms album week on tumblr. originally he was supposed to be talking to my OC, but i ran out of time to add them in. digital.

beth and the curate/nathaniel from the TWOTW stage show. digital. ogilvy and the journalist, TWOTW. digital.

the artilleryman and the curate from TWOTW. digital. father galahad from HNOC, by the mechanisms. thinking about the curate from TWOTW made me think about him again too. digital.

the curate from TWOTW. digital. martians from TWOTW, tried to base off their book description. digital.

the jon, rabbit, and the spine from steam powered giraffe. digital.

rabbit, the spine, and the jon. pencil on paper.

the jon, zero, and the spine from steam powered giraffe. lots of the SPG ones were done when i was supposed to be paying attention in online lessons lol. digital. and just the jon. digital.

dr pilchard and my mechanisms OC, dr meurig lennox. digital. and a concept for a steam powered giraffe OC. digital.

darth revan, count dooku, and moff gideon from star wars. digital. and count dooku. digital.



star wars OCs. digital.

din djarin, star wars. digital.

count dooku from star wars. digital.




an OC i think, jamie from doctor who, the 13th doctor from doctor who, and an OC i think. pencil and pen on paper.

various opera characters (including luisa miller, the magic flute, la bohème, war and peace, marriage of figaro, il barbiere di siviglia, don giovanni, tosca, and possibly others i think). pencil on paper.

some characters from the war of the worlds. pencil on paper.

various don't starve characters. pencil on paper.

tintin. pencil on paper.


shapes and bat. pencil on paper.


these are mostly from one of my school art books.

continuous line leaves. pencil on paper. and various birds. pen on paper.

newt. pencil on paper.

viola. fineliner pen on paper.


an angry birds drawing and a drawing of a quail taped into my scrapbook. pencil on paper.