digital art commissions

note commissions are only for digital art!!


sketched lines no colour flat colour
bust £6 £9
half body £9 £12
full body £12 £15
+ character + £3 each + £6 each

smooth lines flat colour shaded colour
bust £9 £12
half body £12 £15
full body £15 £21
+ character + £6 each + £9 each

extra pricing


  • very simple backgrounds are free. these are usually a plain colour or stripes/gradient or something simple shaped.
  • more complicated backgrounds: price depends on complexity.


will draw

  • i will draw most things!! including OCs, but i will need a reference for them.

won't draw

  • anything overly detailed.
  • anything bigoted/hateful/etc.
  • anything depicting abusive relationships/incest/pedophilia/etc.
  • anything sexual or full nudity (topless characters should be ok though!!)
  • heavy gore.
  • some media (such as harry potter, dream SMP, etc).

payment + refunds

  • payment is over ko-fi or paypal.
  • i ask for roughly half the money to be paid up-front, as a deposit before i start on the commission.
  • the deposit cannot be refunded, unless i have not started work on the commission yet.
  • i may be able to make partial refunds, depending on how much work i have done so far.
  • after i have finished it, i expect to be paid the rest of the payment.
  • no refunds can be offered after i have finished the piece, and i still expect to be paid the full amount.

extra info

  • please send me a message if you're interested!! you can contact me using the links on my links page.
  • please keep in mind that i'm disabled, so don't expect me to work quickly or to a deadline.

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