character design

mostly designs for my OCs, but also some real characters too.


my sona. digital.


reference sheets for one two my battletech OCs for art fight. digital.

francis foswell, my marvel OC/sona. anther ref for art fight. digital.

working out the enhanced imaging tattoo designs for one of my battletech OCs. digital.

finally started to work out how i want to draw my battletech OCs from like 2012. robot (top left), lightning (top right), spike (bottom right), and thunderbolt (bottom left). digital.

redesigned the outfits for the enforcers (ox, montana, and fancy dan) from the spectacular spider-man, with more inspiration from their outfits in the comics. digital.

a slight redesign of montana. digital.


my design for doctor octopus, with inspiration from the comics, the spectacular spider-man cartoon, and spider-man 2. the patterns in the goggles are based off cephalopod eyes. digital.

my design for mysterio, inspired from the spectacular spider-man and the comics. digital.

a slight redesign of fancy dan from the spider-man comics. digital.

my star wars KOTOR OCs. digital.

concept for my marvel/spider-man OC/sona. digital.

some characters from my project, TLSS. digital.

the wizard and dr isabela martin from TLSS. updated dr martin design and essi järvinen. digital.

concept for the clockwork eldritch horror from TLSS. digital.

my haphazardly put-together minecraft skin. digtal, using a screenshot from my minecraft world as a background.

some silly shaped wizards for fun. digital.

my player character from neverwinter nights. pencil on paper and coloured digitally.

two of my characters from my icewind dale playthrough. digital.

weldon burgereaux, dr lisa bratwurst, and merga from the hotdaga as humans. digital.

human design for mike soup from the hotdaga. digital.

human design for gene from the hotdaga. digital.

human design for dr goondis from the hotdaga. digital.

human design for maizey from the hotdaga. digital.

a D&D character from a campaign. digital.

a D&D character i made for fun. digital.

a concept for one of my baldur's gate 1 player characters. digital.

designs for one of my baldur's gate 1 player characters. digital.

xzar (and montaron). not so much a study in character design, but trying to work out what they look like from their in-game portraits and models. digital.

the artilleryman. after spending a while researching artillery uniforms from that era, this is as book accurate and (probably) historically accurate as i think he can get. digital.

concept for a magnus archives OC. digital.

my star wars prequels era/clone wars jedi, heli maddoc. digital.

three OCs from TLSS: maldwyn, ellis devourer of worlds, and dr alasdair bryce. digital.

slightly older designs for some of my SW KOTOR OCs. digital.


star wars clones. digital.

my mechanisms OC/sona, dr meurig lennox. digital.

dr pilchard from the mechanisms. digital.

4 characters for my project, TLSS. maldwyn, ellis devourer of worlds, dr alasdair bryce, and their robot son quincy. digital.

lyfrassir edda, from the bifrost incident by the mechanisms. digital.

my BBC ghosts OCs, cadoc, william, helka, nicholas, and saoirse. digital.

older lennox reference sheets, featuring my other mechanisms OC, blunderbuss danny. digital.

redesigns of some fox OCs from a story i made in 2012/2013. digital.

maizey and gene concepts. digital.

my characters for sims 4. digital.

the fairy king, a TLSS charcter. digital.

miscellaneous elf. digital.

a star wars OC. digital.

some weapons i designed for my star wars OCs. digital.

my star wars mandalorian OCs, lexin, tracker, and their clan family tree. digital.

the original design for my star wars KOTOR OC, captain kell. pencil on paper, coloured digitally.

t'niikkit kallath/kali k'tu and her adoptive ex-jedi parent, sascha. digital, and pen on paper.

my star wars jedi OC, heli maddoc. digital.

my star wars clone OC disco, and padawan eldred otto. digital.

eldred as a padawan, and later as a sith inquisitor. digital.

a more detailed sheet for heli. digital.

slightly older designs for my SW clone OCs. digital.

original t'niikkit/kali design. digital.


two miscellaneous OCs. ink on paper.

my star wars OC, tracker. digital.

an older design for tracker, plus the more recent design before i made a digital version of it. pencil and pastel on paper, and acrylic on paper.

BBC ghosts OCs. digital.